About Caribbean Data Challengers

Caribbean Data Challengers is a professional business intelligence service provider in Aruba. We guide companies in Aruba and the Caribbean to become truly data driven and truly paperless. Our services include Odoo ERP implementations, Business Intelligence and Business Consulting. By utilizing modern platforms we seamlessly integrate all of your business functions, eliminating tedious repetitive manual work. We help you run your entire business on platform-independent devices, accessible from any mobile, wireless or wired connection. 

Business intelligence 

Our Business Intelligence Team will develop dashboards and company-wide analytics that keep management and operational employees up-to-date with the information they need to perform their jobs. We specialize in Microsoft Power BI, but we fully support other platforms as well. Looking for a low cost open source BI alternative? Leave us a note via the contact form.

Examples of seamlessly integrated solutions we offer:

  • Accounting and bookkeeping

  • Account Receivables Optimization

  • Automated processing of Bills and Expenses

  • Point of Sale 

  • Time keeping

  • Payroll integration

  • Inventory Management

  • Field Services (mobile)

  • Customer Service Desk and Ticketing

By collaborating with our partners we are able deliver on both small and large projects.

We are ready for your challenge!