Your business is significantly more efficient when everything connects. Odoo makes that happen. Odoo blends the power of an integrated ERP and the power of single use apps like Quickbooks, Wix, Shopify, Trello, DocuSign and many more. This is what makes Odoo one of the most popular software choices of modern SME's. 

  • Save countless hours on data entry. 
  • Automate the coding of bills and receipts 
  • Update your Inventory in real-time
  • Keep Quotes, Orders, Deliveries and Invoices linked together
  • Time entry and Payroll integrations 
  • and much much more

There are hundreds of reasons to use Odoo in your business.
We are an official Odoo partner in Aruba. As a local business we understand the challenges you face and what is important to you. We offer consulting,  implementation services and project management making sure your Odoo project will be a success! 

Ask about our Aruban solutions and local integrations.

 Business Intelligence

Which of the two do you prefer: making decisions based on experience or based on facts? Of course experience goes a long way, but are your employees equipped with the same knowledge and skills you have? This is why Business Intelligence was invented.

We offer a large BI team of 20+ consultants ready to help you collect data from across your business and turn it into valuable insights. A must-have for data-driven companies! We deliver all kinds of BI products: Data Warehouses, Analytics, Dashboards and everything in between.

We work with local partners (Aruba, Curaçao) and partners in Europe and India. 

Dashboard As A Service  

Just need fact-based decision making, without a full blown BI stack to worry about? 

With our managed interactive dashboard solution you get just that: a dashboard as a service. Giving you accurate and up-to-date KPI's and possibilities to drill down to the details. The dashboard is connected to your data and built and maintained by us.

The perfect solution if you just need fact-based decision making and nothing else. 


Sometimes a helping hand is needed to speed things up. For the areas mentioned above we offer consulting services intended for short-term projects. We have a unique skill-set and a unique network of trained and certified professionals ready for a challenge. 

We will get the job done!