Agile ERP for Aruba

Caribbean Data Challengers is an official Odoo Partner. Find out what that means for you!

Caribbean Data Challengers is adding Odoo to the mix


What is Odoo? 

Odoo is open source ERP. Super fast and super easy to use and highly adaptable, which creates many opportunities for businesses in Aruba.

Odoo is a complete suite of tools consisting of 30 main modules and over 16.000 apps that can be added to match your specific requirements. On top of that, Odoo can be customized using an integrated low-code feature, that does not require any programing skills. 

Why did we decide to partner with Odoo? 

Firstly because Odoo supports companies of all sizes and scales with the size of the company. You don't have to be big, but you don't have to small either. Odoo's many modules are already integrated under the hood, even if you don't use them right away. This makes it possible to add features to your mix with a click of a button. 

Secondly because Odoo allows customizations that Only businesses in Aruba might need, for instance: you might want an inventory valuation method that takes the Aruban Customs and Tax regulations into account, correctly distributing your 'landed cost' over your latest purchase orders. Or you might be interested in an integrated payroll solution that based on your timesheets returns the correct pay checks, already posted in your accounting. 

And Finally, because Odoo has a powerful Accounting module that is core of all Odoo applications. So after a busy night in your restaurant and you close your POS for the day. All transactions are automatically posted, saving you a lot of time processing daily sales. Your administration follows your operations and is always up to date. No more boxes with paper invoices and receipts. No more need for separate book keeping software that is really specifically designed for US customers... 

 Odoo will adapt to your organization, not the other way around!

50,000+ companies run Odoo to grow their businesses.

Join us and make your company a better place.

Agile ERP for Aruba
Caribbean Data Challengers, Toon van der Ploeg April 9, 2021
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